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Simply Amazing

It is usually a pain in the butt to save a file (typically python) and then navigate to it in terminal to run it. This made my whole life a million times easier!!!!!!!! This is the best editor I've ever used and probably ever will use!!!!

Underrated gem

As a developer, I use IntelliJ, Xcode, and Visual Studio Code at the office daily. But when I am trying to learn new languages or work on a smaller scale projects, or teach coding to my family, CodeRunner is the IDE of choice. It's fully native, so it is MUCH faster than IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code. It looks fantastic. Especially now that it supports Dark Mode. And it's just so easy and pleasant to use. No complicated setup. It just works. And supports so many languages. What you trade in return is some of the advanced powers, such as refactoring, remote debugging, and so on.

Important if you want to use this for Lua

If you want to use Lua It will tell you download a new application after buying the app and then it will require you to enter your email address to receive your key (this does NOT work however). You will need to go to their website and request a new key this way and you will get it emailed to you.

One of my all-time favorite apps

I absolutely love this app — it is so fun to try out different programming languages. No need to spend time setting up the system, worrying about details you don’t care about. Would love even more people to find out about this app so they can have fun coding. This is one of the many reasons I really love the Mac.

Dont’t purchase use free

The free version works well with c programming, so long as you don’t need debugging. The upgraded version will not run.

It’s good but some features need to improve

It’s good but some features need to improve specially completing feature for codes and attributes in HTML , CSS , PHP is not perfect like Dreamwever by Adobe .. You can show list of the all attributes when u wrote the basic code before and choose one from that list .. it made so easy and save the time ..Also , You can choose the fonts and color from list or a window after you type the code <CSS,HTML> { color: #ccc } like Photoshop . Also , Add CSS langaue separately .. I think it’s better .. I hope to see the big improvements with the next update soon .

Best IDE I’ve ever used, hands down.

Very optimized, smooth, speedy, feature-rich, tabs for different programs, it’s amazing. This is a $15 very well spent and I’m glad I found this app when I did.

OK, with Workarounds

I am using the program to write various shell scripts (mostly bash). The App-Store framework does some things to help keep App-Store apps from misbehaving. However, this can be problematic for technical or scientific work. Their workaround is to buy the non-App Store version. I already bought this one, so I discovered a workaround. I think the app is 4 stars if you know what the limits are, or 5 stars if one is specifically testing how scripts run when invoked from a App-store sandboxed app. However, since it is not very clear, before purchase, it ends up being far less capable for most purposes than the description indicates. That said, the vendor does advise users to get the non-app store version if they have problems, but it would be better to offer a free install so long as the versions are parallel. My issue: When certain environment variables are read, the system substitutes them for others. This makes CodeRunner act differently than the Terminal on the same system. ex. $HOME: normally: /Users/myaccountname; now: /Users/myaccountname/Library/Containers/com.coderunnerapp.CodeRunner/Data This affects a lot of scripts that look to the home directory or reference it with the tilde substitution (~/Desktop). For my purposes, it was enough to set HOME to the proper “/Users/myaccountname” in using the Preferences -> Advanced -> Shell Variables. However, each logon user has to make this change in their own Code Runner 2 preferences. Ultimately, I’m using the very good text editor and syntax highlighter, but then doing all execution in the terminal. I wish there was a version that had just the editor/syntax highlighter and maybe a button to launch with the script (or a tmp version with unsaved changes). That would improve my workflow.

Nice app for PHP development

It's the easiest way to get PHP development and debugging working on a Mac. I did find one bug when I migrated from one Mac to another - CodeRunner would crash at startup. I had to delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store.

Deserves 5 stars

After trying Code::Blocks (crashing like a crazy), Nertbeans (must instal java), Xcode (only good for projects not single files) and even Code::Blocks running in a Virtual Machine, I foud this little gem that not only is a great C++ editor but has included a compiler a can run your C++ ( or other languages as well) code on the same application. Great purchase!

Works as advertised.

I have been using this for 4 years. Works absolutely perfectly. Not sure about all the reviews who have had problems because I have had none. Runs my Python code natively and super fast. Prefer the working environment to TextWrangler and Notepad++ but is similar.

Great Tool for testing and learning

I have used CodeRunner 2 over the past year as a tool for learning new programming languages. The interface is simple, has a large amount of languages that you can use, and is a great value for the cost. Appreciate easy to use apps like this. keep up the good work

Can’t Understand

I can’t understand why does it supports html but it doesnt support css, how am i going to design a website then, if someone knows how please respond, thanks.

Fantastic lightweight editor+runner

Developers will always scoff at apps like these (especially ones whose primary notability derives from the Mac App Store—normally a bit sketchy), which make you pay for what you could likely get for free from such popular editors as Sublime, Atom, Notepad++, Vim, etc. But I can whole-heartedly vouch for the legitimacy of Coderunner on all fronts. It is virtually bug-free, has a dead-simple interface, is extremely fast, is delightfully customizable, has excellent syntax highlighting for a good variety of languages, and most importantly, lets you run your programs with the touch of a button, no strings attached. I personally use it for small programs and self-contained bits of code—it serves as an excellent, speedy testing groundy to dump snippets into or to build up sections of a larger project. It is also a fine editor for HTML and Markdown, as it renders it in the output window when you press run. Of course, I’ll tend toward full IDE’s for larger, more interconnected projects, but when it comes to single-file programs, I find it faster and more pleasant than the more popular editors.

Exactly what I needed, works perfectly

I read the reviews, skeptic about what other people were saying, crashes, slow, clunky, but I’m not having any of those issues. Works perfectly fine for me! Also, this text editor has everything I was looking for to program Python, and it’s very user friendly. Great for beginners!

Not exactly everything promised

This is slow and clunky which caused it to crash and I was only able to get it to work once with HTML. The free program worked better. I am not happy with this purchase.

Warm Towel Out of the Dryer Feeling for CodeRunner

I love to write code. Mainly in Python, Swift and C#. But I like to dabble in different languages. I suffered through many IDE’s over the years. I realized that way too much of my time was spent messing about with learning the IDE itself. Too many IDE’s. Not enough time spent coding. I downloaded the free trial program, which was good for 30 days. On day three I decided to buy it on the app store so I could load it on all my Macs. I just love it too much. You can easily theme it. It runs clean and light, with never a crash, despite daily use. The IDE is intuitive enough with autocomplete without being a bother. It’s tight and just what you need. I do wish it would come out in Linux for my students. But having it in Mac is so wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Show invisibles is missing?

The only missing thing I'd love see added.

Crashing on opening

it was working good, but it’s been two month this app is reusing to open, i left messages on their website, but no response, i spent 14 bucks for that.

Best Coding App

This is the best coding App I had ever used

Great app that works very well!

everything i was looking for in an ide. come with a bunch of pre installed language libraries and allows a good amount for configurtion. Also includes the ablity to test the code right from the app. Great for web developers.

Thanks free non-App store version

As for study programming, CodeRunner 2 is good! Thanks for study programming. Also, Thanks for free non-App store version licensing!!! So I have two CodeRunner 2, App store version & non-App store version both. good to buy!!! Thank for study developing study Apple looks so delicious and happy. Have a nice day!

Worked great for 24 hours

Then after the 24 hours, the message “fI you're experiencing issues running code with the App Store version of CodeRunner, please try using the non-App Store version downloadable from this website. It's free for App Store customers, just follow the instructions in the licensing window"

Excellent tool

This tool is indespensible for development. I’m a long time user of version 1, and version 2 is a huge improvement.

A good starting point

I’ve been using NetBeans for web development and this is a much better solution. My machine doesn’t overheat or run super slow with CodeRunner 2 and the auto complete is fantastic. The only thing it’s missing is FTP/SFTP support, without that the only benefit CodeRunner 2 has over TextWrangler is that it has the code completion, but for a senior level developer code completion is trivial compared to the file transfer support. Add that and this will be my primary web development tool in a heartbeat! Very nice to finally have access to development tool for C#, Lua, Java etc. Can’t wait to play with those!

Down with Xcode. CodeRunner for life.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than Xcode. Themes are awesome, layout is crispy clean, and it’s fast. I would like to see support for running the terminal in a new window, but other than that it’s as close to perfect as possible. Worth every dollar and more.

Exactly what I needed

So far I have not experienced any issues with this. It is the perfect tool for HTML, CSS, and Javascript development on the Mac. The realtime viewing of your coding is awesome. My only issue is that the preview sometimes fouls up, meaning that if you adjust a stylesheet file and then click on a link in the preview that goes to another html page in your folder the stylesheet may or may not update for the page, maybe a caching issue? When this happens I just close the app and open it back up. It loads quick so no major issue there. It would be nice if it had the option to open up to the tabs last opened in previous sessions and if folders would open when highlighted and the space bar is pressed (a common feature in other IDEs). To sum it up….if you are a web designer or coder, this is, in my humble opinion, the best app in the app store.

Great but it keeps crashing

This is a great app however it keeps crashing on me. At first is was fine, but now I can’t even open the app.

Great if it worked.

Judging by the description, this is exactly the kind of program I want. Unfortunately, it hardly works. It refuses to except my specific Python executable, despite setting it up properly in the language settings. It always uses its internal Python, which doesn’t have my libraries. It has an option for invoking the bash_profile, but it doesn’t work. None of the variables, aliases, etc. that I have in my bash_profile are visible to Coderunner (tried running a simple bash script within it to echo variables). Even if these things did work, Coderunner freezes about every fourth time I click “Run.” I must force quit to get out of it and of course, I lose all my work. Finally, support is non-existent. I emailed the developer a week ago, no response; their “support” page has two FAQs; and despite being #1 in the app store developer category, Googling for help comes up with a scant few stack overflow responses on issues unrelated to the numerous ones I have. Great vision, poorly executed. I’ll come back when it works as intended. And I really want to.

Limited because i bought it from the app store???

I basically can’t write anything in python 3, everytime I try to run it i get an error saying something about how i need to buy this app from the website because appstore version isn’t capable. I feel like i wasted my money since i can’t even write simple programs with it. I would not recommend.

C# programming

I have been searching for a program that could compile C# and i have finally found it!! thank you!!

Doesn’t Compile Swift

I owned the original version and now bought the new version. CodeRunner says it runs swift but it does not. After verifying xcode tools setup, I tried the default setup then changed to the method on the coderunner web site and tried various alternatives found on the web. I’ll have to use playground.

One of the best

For a long time now, I have been looking for a nice code editor. I mostly do python, and from my perspective this app is great. Good code completion, nice UI, everything I would ever want. And if I need to use another language, well there are so many supported that I will use it for a long time. The Command + R and Command + . are great, because that is the same as Xcode, and using 2 IDE’s can be confusing if there are different shortcuts. In all, this isn’t an Xcode replacement, but for other languages, this is a must have.

My Secret Weapon, now my main editor

For years Coderunner has been my secret weapon when developing and testing scripts generally, and php scripts specifically. With the latest updates, this app has become a truly fully-fledged, light-duty editor that has become my main editor for coding. The improved color-coding, brace matching (a feature no one writing most c based languages can do without), and completion, amongst other useful additions, coupled with the ability for me to test scripts in-situ quickly and easily, has compelled me to move coderunner 2 to first in my editor lineup. Most editors get in my way, or have some kind of glaring omission (brace matching being the most common) that limits their usefulness. So far, I'm rocking this one! Simple, effective, with the tools I need to do the job.

Superb update to essential app

The first version of Code Runner was an essential app for quickly writing and testing code snippets, but version 2 takes the app to a whole new level. It turns Code Runner into a top-notch, lightning-fast IDE. So many thoughtful touches make it a delight to use. For example, create a new HTML document and the app initializes it with a boilerplate HTML5 template (which you can replace with XHTML or HTML4 if that’s what you need). “Run” an HTML snippet and it shows a browser preview with live updating. The app supports file browsing with a sidebar, multiple and custom themes, a myriad of languages, awesome code completion (including jQuery as well as standard JavaScript) with documentation! It’s hard to imagine a developer that wouldn’t be delighted with this app.

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